Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Almost gone Wednesday's in France

Wednesday almost passed me by without a picture of France.
In 2006 we stayed at a village in the Languedoc, south of France.
Saint Chinian is out of Beziers and in the wine growing district.
We stayed in a three level villa in the village for a week.

Sue overlooks the small canal that passes through Saint Chinian.
The small Juliet balcony was where we enjoyed our evening glass of wine while the locals  walked by with a smile, a wave and a whisper of Bonsoir.
And we would smile and wave back from our Juliet balcony with a raised glass in our hand.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Local Past Scenes of our Home on the Bay

Black Rock is a bayside suburb just down the road from home and several mornings every week I pass through Black Rock on a morning training ride. Down Balcombe Road and pass the clock tower and down Beach Road. Just a lovely piece of scenery, no matter what time of day.

The clock tower still stands as a landmark.

One of Black Rock's historic homes still stands as well.

The trams from Sandringham to Black Rock have long gone and many of the more recent residents would have no knowledge of its existence.

Our Bayside Beaches are part of the charm of Melbourne

The jetty is no longer - the ship is now a marine sanctury for  sealife.
Here's a You Tube I found of the now defunct tramway that began at Sandringham station to Black Rock.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It must have been late 1970s when my daughter Carly and I jumped into one of those railway station booths where they take your money then take your photos - if you're lucky. We were lucky.
Carly is now 40 years old and still as cute as she was back then.
As for me!!!!
My glasses are thicker and my hair is thinner.
Do I hear laughter in the distance?

The photo is not fuzzy - its my eyes.

Wednesdays in Italy

With a little over 5 weeks to go we'll be flying into Rome Airport, picking up the Citroen C4 and driving to Gaioli in Tuscany. Last visit was 2006 when we stayed a week in Monticchiello. The hilltop village sits high overlooking the valley with Pienza in the distance. To the east is Montipulciano and to the west is Montalcino.

 I guess you'd call that - "The Full Monty".

The only entrance to Monticchiello
Pienza and a Busker playing a touch guitar - something I'd never seen before.
The main Piazza of Montalcino - home of the Brunello fine wine.
The early morning mist from Montalcino
The road leading from Monticchiello

Sunday, August 17, 2014

No - not a Sunday Roast

During our childhood days, the Sunday roast was traditional in Australia - but things change with the influx of other nationalities to Australia. On a trip to France not that long ago, we went to the food chain of Leon's of Brussells. I even bought some Belgium beer for the meal tonight.  Moules Frites!

2.5 kg of mussels for under $10 - bargain. Plus they come from our bay about 10 kms away.I brought them home and put them in water to soak and they smelled like the beach.
Lots of shallots and Australian garlic.

When they opened, I added a good sploosh of cream and lots  of chopped parsley.
A cone full of pommes frites, Belgian beer, crusty bread and Bob's your uncle.
All good.