Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Spring to Autumn

Here in Melbourne, Our Home by the Bay, we are organising the house with weeding, mowing lawns, tidying up generally for our ten weeks in Italy and France. All of a sudden, spring crept up without warning. Workdays lately have been long and I tend to leave early and get home around 7ish so I don't really look about outside much. With the impending holiday, a bit of yard maintenance was required this weekend.

It's the first time that I discovered all the new growth and colour - but it wasn't until late Sunday afternoon that I took my iPhone out of my pocket to take these photos before we lost too much light.

We leave for Rome next Saturday for Europe's autumn and previously we have loved that time but this trip takes us into winter with our last week - the first week of December in Paris. It will be a new experience.

This trip is centred around a Retro Bike Event in Chianti, Italy for the first week. We then spend some time after in the lakes district before wandering across to the Loire to experience some time living in the region.
Sue not that long ago toyed with the idea of living in France for 3 months. We discussed this over the dinner table with friends in the Loire in 2012. It was at their very kind invitation that they suggested that we house sit while they take a holiday themselves. Its an experience that we are so grateful to accept. Six more sleeps before we fly out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just Another Tuesday Night Dinner

The title is mine, not Sue's.
She often says that she doesn't have a creative flair
but when it comes to cooking,
we all agree, 
her creative passion of food
amazes this family.

Our older son, Andrew, lived in England for two years and came back to Australia last Christmas to  live with Mum and Dad while he fininshed off his PhD. He brought with him many things, but one that met with a mixed reception was a can of haggis from Scotland. Of couse I am happy to try to it, I told him. I then proceeded to place it at the back of the pantry out of sight (out of mind)
But....we are going away soon and our son's memory is better than ours. Sigh.
He ate haggis at a very posh restaurant in Leeds and wanted to reproduce the recipe. It was presented with seared scallops with an orange and whiskey sauce. We couldnt find anything like it from Ms Google and an email to  the restaurant went unanswered. (How rude!)
So I made an executive decision. Pan seared scallops, haggis, crispy bacon and a pea puree plus a bit of orange to squeeze over. I thought that maybe we would like all but the haggis.
But, you know....the haggis was great. I odd!

It was an entree sized dish so I made quick spinach and feta pastry things with sweet chilli dipping sauce to have after. Probably not the best match if you were making a total menu to all blend.
But hey, we were just making dinner! All good.
So now we've tasted haggis, and while I didn't hate it, it wasn't anything I would choose to have again.
Sorry Scotland.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Buildings long gone

Well the weekend is over and with only two weeks before we fly out to Italy, I still have much work to complete with both home and place of employment. I'm still painting inside the house and cleaning up outside.
I've been a little distracted with the Blog due to all of this but there'll be lots to come once we leave Melbourne for Italy and France. With 10 weeks I'm sure we'll find something everyday to post.
I think we may just be "Living the Life" and taking in what life has to offer. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's some historic photos of our hometown, Mentone. All of these photos have something in common. The buildings no longer exist.
Mentone Baths
Mentone Theatre
Mentone Skating Rink
Mentone Fire Brigade
Mentone Bakery
Mentone Station signal box
Mentone Gas Company

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback Thursday again features our first born.
Being a November baby this photo,
judging by my growth may have been January 86.
I guess I was on annual leave.
He's now 28.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Funny French Shoes - Wednesdays in France

In 2010, Sue took me to Paris for my 60th birthday.
There was a shop in the Marais where I'd bought shoes preciously.

I still have those shoes after four years and I still love them.
Comfortable - yes!!!

Maybe I'll buy another pair soon.

I'm not sure if John Mellancamp agrees with my taste in shoes
 but sure do like his music.